GigaPatch HD ODF

Product CodeNameABC
TBCGigapatch high Density ODFH 2200W 750D 300
GigaPatch HD ODF
  • 80 HD Fibre splice cassette slots, providing the following maximum capacity: LC 1920 Ports / SC 1280 / MU 2880
  • Available as either Top or Bottom entry
  • Miniflex™ cable intergrated to protect and manage each fibre
  • GigaDuct™ incorperated for easy and reliable cable management
  • 1.8 mm Patch leads preferable used to enhance spacing, 900 micron if utalizing the MU 36 way cassette
  • Can be coupled with all Gigacom trays to provide you with a SO'ODF (Smart Operating ODF) This facilitates the use of Splice, CWDM and Splitter Cassettes.