UTP Steel Wired
Cat5e UTP Steel Wire Armoured

Cat5e Steel wire armoured external Enhanced Category 5 UTP Cable is designed for external use and direct burial.

Cable is cut to length and must has a minimum order quantity of 50metres


These cost effective cables are manufactured using solid plain annealed copper wire, polyolefin insulated, cores twinned in colour coded pairs with 4 pairs assembled with a PVC bedding, galvanised steel wire armour and PVC outer sheath making it suitable for direct burial use.


Category 5e cables are designed as a cost effective cable capable of supporting todays high speed network applications. These cables meet the minimum specified performance for Class D 5e cables defined within ISO/IEC11801 (2nd Edition)


ISO/IEC11801 (2nd Edition), TIA/EIA568, EN50173, REACH and RoHS compliant