External Industrial Grade, Solid SF/UTP 500m reels

External Industrial Grade, Solid SF/UTP 500m reels

4 pair SF/UTP category 5e 200MHz stranded cable with overall foil + overall braid shielding and black dual PVC sheath, for external use. Supplied on 500m reel.

Standards :

  • Verified to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.2 Category 5e
  • IEC 332-1
  • UL/CSA Listed CM
  • NEMA WC 63.1

Features :

  • Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • Exceeds the requirements of TIA and ISO Cat5e specification
  • Reverse Sequential metre marking for easy install
Picture Shows:
  1. Conductor type: Stranded – Bare copper
  2. Insulation: PE solid – diameter 0.86mm
  3. Filler: 4.5*0.2mm
  4. Inner Jacket: White LSZH (1 at 100 MHz) Ω100±5, thickness:0.45mm, external diameter: 5.0mm±0.2mm
  5. Shielding 1: Aluminium/polyester
  6. Shielding 2:Tinned copper
  7. Outer Jacket: Black PVC, thickness: 0.55mm,external diameter: 6.8mm±0.3mm

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